So how is all that advertising you are currently doing working?

What is your Return on Investment?

Do you even know?

Traditional Advertising is Dying!

The Reason...There is just Too Much of it.

There are Two Key Elements that make our system different:

Customer Filtering:
For the first time ever, the Customer can decide What they want, When they want it and WHERE.

Direct Connection:
The customer creates the link that's a Direct Connection to the Merchant which allows for Laser Precision, Direct, Location Based Marketing.

No other system offers this!


The Expense

Depending on the Media, it gets out of hand quickly.



How do you know if it reached the intended target? Even Direct Mail is very suspect.


Newspapers are Failing

8 of the 10 largest news organizations in the country are in Serious Financial Trouble.


Cable TV

Even the Big 4 networks are in trouble because Cable is doing the same thing to them.

The sooner you realize that the Customer is in control, the sooner you will be on your way to More Profits.

The Reason?
They have the Power Anyway, so you need to WORK WITH that fact.