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Viral Growth

~ Customers telling Businesses.
~ Businesses telling Customers.
~ Friends telling Friends.
~ Schools, Non-Profits, Churches, etc. Promoting.

* We even incentivize folks to spread the word.
* Partnerships with Chambers of Commerce.
* Partnerships with County Fairs, Exhibits, etc.

A summary from the video.
Each Circle is a Business

As we get more they begin to Overlap.
Soon we will Cover the State.
As folks travel they will see the ads from merchants close to them NOW.
A Merchant can decide to place a GeoFence on a competitors lot when they have a sale.
This is Laser Targeted, Pinpoint Geo Targeted advertising, not the shotgun approach as in other media.
The merchants money is not wasted on circulation that does them no good.
The system never overloads as it's always just dealing with business "Nearby" now. 

It does the consumer no NO GOOD to get ads from parts of the state they aren't heading to anytime soon.
They want to know what's around them Right Now in the town they are in.
They can now decide if they want to get information from folks as they travel.

  • As a consumer...
  • I choose the Types of alerts I get, When and Where I want.
  • I take a break whenever I want.
  • I engage when I want.
  • I know this is a merchant who is interested in me.
  • I don't have to get constantly blasted with stuff I don't want.
  • I am in control and I Like It.

Once it Starts you Can't Stop It, EVEN IF YOU TRY!

Businesses Statewide are signing up, getting their free trials and telling their customers. Everyone is telling their clients and customers to download the app and soon there will be Thousands of Local Folks with their apps which gives More Eyes to your listing.
Businesses in other towns and other states are spreading the word, even your competitors.
When was the last time your competitor promoted for you?

  • Customers get access to Exclusive App Only Deals. They call it the "Find Cash App."
  • Customers get an automated loyalty system. Now they can keep all their loyalty programs in one place, right on their phone, and it automatically tracks where they are with each merchant on Auto-Pilot.
  • Customers are Incentivized to Spread the Word.
  • Businesses are Incentivized to Spread the Word.
  • Non-Profit organizations get a Free system for their use and they also are incentivized to Spread the Word.
  • This is the One App for All Businesses and All Consumers.
  • It works in the next Town, the next County, the next State.
  • It's already in two Languages and will soon be all across the country.
  • We are even getting interest from Canada, The Bahamas, South America and the Philippines.

A message that truly resonates with consumers.

Our phones are pretty smart, but they can be a LOT Smarter.

In fact, C/NET calls this the Next Big Thing

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