Traditional Advertising is not only EXPENSIVE, it's Less Effective by the day.

There are a LOT of drawbacks to Traditional Advertising, and the high cost would be tolerable if only it worked!

In Fact, the Washington Post PROVED it just doesn't work anymore like it used to.



Depending on the Media, it gets out of hand quickly.



How do you know if it reached the intended target?



8 of the 10 largest news organizations in the country are in Serious Financial Trouble.


Cable TV

Even the Big 4 networks are in trouble because Cable is doing the same thing to them.

Must Pick A Date

* You must choose when your ad runs or plays.
* Cannot know if your audience sees it or not.
* When that day passes it's done.
* Prospect cannot go back for one they missed.
* Your only option is to start over.

Trash Can

Nearly ALL advertising delivered by mail and over 98% electronically goes into the trash can or deleted file.


When it's not working, they have an answer.

When you complain that it's not working, their canned answer is "You haven't run it enough times."

OK, so I'm doing something that isn't working and your solution is to do MORE? Ever heard of the Definition of Insanity? Doing the same ineffective thing over and over again, yet somehow expecting a different result.


  • Weekday8.00-8.02 pm
  • SaturdayToo expensive
  • SundayToo Expensive

  • Whether you are looking at Broadcast media or Newsprint, there is always a trade off in reference to Scheduling, Timing and Frequency.

Even More Issues

No matter if you are dealing with Broadcast or Print, there are problems.

  • Cannot Target a Market Segment.
  • No Interaction with Prospects or Customers.
  • Limited by the Subscription Base.
  • What if your target audience missed the issue?
  • Cannot Appeal to Different Groups.
  • It's an instance in TIME, not a Function of Location, Preferences or anything else.
  • You pay for Each Instance, whether the prospect sees it or not.
  • The majority of the circulation base isn't who you want.
  • The SHOTGUN Approach doesn't work.

Contrast Traditional Advertising with a Beacon or GeoFence that is controlled in the Cloud and operates with A.I. Technology.

It works on Auto-pilot and you can tell it what you want your customers and prospects to see, When they see it and , How Often.

(You may have seen this video already.)

We use GeoTargeted Push Notifications

It's "Right Here, Right Now" Advertising unmatched by Anything Else, Anywhere.

GeoTargeted Ads are the Wave of the Future.
They reach the intended prospect when it actually means something, not when they are in the next city or even the next state.