Here is a Practical Example of a GeoFence in Action.

The GeoFence syst em is ours and we also work with ANY Beacon manufurer out there.

You Control the Scenarios

A Scenario is What happens, When and How.

It's basically the Trigger to an Action.
(See Below)

We give you total Do-it-yourself control so you have all the power.


Size & Location

Our How-to videos show you how to place it, how big you want it, etc.



When someone Enters, or a Delay after entering, or they Dwell in the GeoFence for a 'X' minutes,
or they Leave, or "X" time after they leave...THIS certain action happens.
You can even send out message if they haven't visited in awhile, it's ReTargeting on Sterroids.



Since your GeoFence is in the cloud you can move it. Say your compeitor has a big sale, move your GeoFence and Geo-Target all those folks.


Optional Paid Plans

Customer Loyalty Program.
Scheduling Feature for certain days, durations, start and end dates, skip days, different times of the day, etc.
Multiple Other Features.

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